Various Lil Poems:

—Karma unfolds as a lotus playing out her flower of life With so many trials and lessons of hardship and strife.

Our earth mother, the teacher with so many lessons to behold, much like a silversmith molding a fine piece of gold.—

—Beauty and repulsion are so superficial, which one is real it’s impossible to know. Sometimes light is dark and dark is light! Subconscious or concious which ones more real?

Only the creator knows when and what to reveal. I am but a peacock living in a bloody cemetery. Feeding from the repulsion of my own private sanctuary.—

—Imagine a world full of light, with a rainbow from every heart shining bright.

Creating, manifesting, and sharing with one another, as though

we are all family … Our very own blood …all sisters and brothers.—

—The circle spins round and round, invisible though it may seem, reality or deja Vu, Are we spinning a virtual reality dream?

Like aninfinitely transforming masterpiece, with many secrets it must conceal, The Artist chooses carefully in time, which ones to reveal.

To live is to love and do no harm to each other. From species to species, we are all as sisters and brothers; Each moment in life is but a visuisation. Live it wisely, spent in some form of prayer and meditation.—

—Diamonds dazzeling in the snow. When the moon beams on you oh how you glow. You care not what tomorrow should hold, your special moment is now…you gleam brighter than gold.—

—it seems the stars don’t fuss and fight, watching them just seems so right.

As I stare up at a sparkling star, and watch it dazzel from afar, They’re a peaceful bunch from where I stand. From earth they look so wonderous and grand.

I am amazed by worlds unknown where only angels wings have flown.—

—Morning mist has filled the air. Birds are chirping without a care. A certain sense of tranquility is there, making everything feel so good and fare!—


Todays strange lil adventure

isn’t it strange …

that in todays world, people are categorized and cast aside. ( today I was supposed to see my most recent therapist that I’ve had for nearly 3 months and I still have yet to meet her).

isn’t it strange

that you have to pay back the system for their own mistakes even beyond what you supposedly owe them.

that pedestrians and bicyclers, are always the problem when the drivers all have road rage…as a certain song says: “I’m in a hurry to get things done, I rush and rush until life’s no fun, when all I really got to do is live and die, but I’m in a hurry and don’t know why.”

The Walk

All in the ns,e of progress edit copy

I decided to take a walk one day
to look at the hills and plains.
As I walked all I could see
is land that had been slain.

I saw paper and cans,
rubber and steel,
Rusty old pipes,
and a half broken wheel.

As I watched this pitiful sight
my heart was filled with pain,
I thought to myself this tragedy
is such a pitiful shame.

I thought of starvation and poverty
and of many dying beasts,
I thought of forests and sugar beets,
and of many fields of wheat,

Upon which dying animals
and starving people may feed
If only you and I would change
This era of compulsion and greed.

Take a stand to save the land,
Give Mother Nature
a helping hand!

Love is

004 (2)

Love is a wonderful thing you know.
It helps us each day as we feed and grow,
it helps us to make the right choices and such,
and strengthens us so very much.
Each caring heart is so full of bliss,
God has given us each day
to help and bless!

For such a kind person as caring as you,
So full of compassion and tenderness too,
This be my plea, and be my prayer
That God will keep you in his care.

May your days be filled with love and glea,
Little birds singing, rainbows and trees.
Bright flowers and streams,
soft meadows and beams,

and with each wonderful blessing
that a lifetime may bring!

The Path lies within

LaGrange sunrise haiku_edited-1

The path lies within
let your heart guide the way.
a gift from the goddess
is sent with each bran new day.

Do no harm to others
yet do as you will.
Live in the present
be tranquil and still.

Mother Natures the goddess,
she provides all of our needs,
distributing blessings of pleasure
based on our actions and deeds.

All pleasure comes from the goddess
For us to respect and enjoy
What she has created
We must not harm or destroy.

We must live in harmony with all that’s provided
Merging with nature, until all self has subsided.

The Dream Chaser


Everybody has a dream in which you can believe in,
So just let your spirit run wild and free.
Don’t be afraid to be yourself because you can do anything.
Life has its trouble as we all know so well,
It doesn’t matter because we are strong,
It doesn’t matter how rough things may get today,
it can be dealt with we can cope.

Don’t ever let anyone trample on you,
whenever you get the blues,
Just let the past linger on amongst your mind for it is gone,
memories are all that’s left behind
some are good and some are bad,
but memories are all that we have.

All you’ve got to do is to keep your spirits high,
be sure to always look on the bright side
Because you know as well as I that today’s end
Will soon fly bye, and tomorrow shall soon arrive
Driving along from round the suns rear side,
so keep your spirits high, let em fly,
Just travel on in time being a dream chaser.

Chase after your dreams, no matter how far away they may seem,
For if you try the reward will be worth it someday, just wait and see.
So keep your spirits high let em fly,
Don’t ever give up on love cause it can change everything
Just keep your spirits high.



In this old world, we see every day, people striving for perfection in every way.
failing to find it, we cant see,that it comes from internal love, and peace, living harmoniously.

perfection is a rainbow with its message of love, or an eagles wings swooping down from above.
perfection is a puppy sharing their love, or a purring kitten, content as a dove.
perfection is a lover holding your hand, and watching the sunset so splendid and

it is the way your hair blows in the wind, or droplettes of water left after a swim.
perfection is laughing and running into the sunrise, watching each morning unfold, like a beautiful surprise.
or like makng love on a warm summers day, watching autumn leaves fall as wild animals plsy.
perfection is found in the tall beautiful grass, or in every way in the running of animals, powerful and fast.

Theres beauty surrounding us every day, its splendid perfection in every way. We overlook the natural beauty that’s there, when we organise everything with such critical care.

Perfections not critical, it doesn’t pick things apart.Beauty and perfection is how we see with our hearts!